(1) Which veteran Indian Civil servant has been appointed as acting President of Singapore?

(A) J Y Pillay

(B) Annada Shankar Ray

(C) MS Randhawa

(D) None of the above

(2) According to the recent survey by the Transparency International which country is the most corrupt country in Asia?

(A) Vietnam

(B) India

(C) Pakistan

(D) Thailand

(3) Which Indian city has been accorded the status of India’s first ‘World Heritage City’ by UNESCO?

(A) New Delhi

(B) Ahmedabad

(C) Mumbai

(D) Jaipur

(4) In which City World’s highest sandcastle built recently?

(A) German

(B) India

(C) Pakistan

(D) Australia

(5) Indian conglomerate Adani group has collaborated for defence manufacturing with which nation’s defence and aerospace company?

(A) Sweden

(B) Switzerland

(C) Germany

(D) Japan

(6) Which state government has for the first time declared entire state as ‘disturbed area’ for 6 months under AFSPA, 1958?

(A) Manipur

(B) Mizoram

(C) Nagaland

(D) Assam

(7) Who has been appointed as Secretary in the Department of Financial Services?

(A) Rajiv Kumar

(B) Anjali Duggal

(C) Hasmukh Adhia

(D) Anita Karwal

(8) Who has been appointed as US Envoy to India?

(A) Tom Cooney

(B) Helen La Lime

(C) Kenneth Juster

(D) John Bass


(1) A   (2) B   (3) B   (4) A   (5) A  (6) D   (7) A   (8) C