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03 May 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

1) The economic growth in India is expected to strengthen to ___ in financial year 2018-19, according to BMI Research.

(A) 6.6%

(B) 7.3%

(C) 6.3%

(D) 7.6%

Answer: B

2) Who has been awarded the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year 2018?

(A) Lionel Messi

(B) Mohamed Salah

(C) Neymar

(D) David Alaba

Answer: B

3) Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet resigned. He is Prime Minister of which country?

(A) Gabon

(B) Ghana

(C) Ethiopia

(D) Senegal

Answer: A

4) Radhakrishnan Nair has been appointed as an Additional Director to which bank?

(A) SBI Bank

(B) Axis Bank

(C) YES Bank

(D) ICICI Bank

Answer: D

5) Which day is celebrated on 3rd May?

(A) World Press Freedom Day

(B) World Heritage Day

(C) World Heart Day

(D) World Organs Day

Answer: A

6) Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India?

(A) Vinay Mittal

(B) T S Vijayan

(C) H L Dattu

(D) Subhash Chandra Khuntia

Answer: D

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