(1) Sikkim is set to get its first airport by the end of November. The airport is built at an estimated cost of ——————.

(A) Rs. 300 crore

(B) Rs. 400 crore

(C) Rs. 500 crore

(D) Rs. 200 crore

(2) Name the winner of the 53rd Jnanpith Award for the year 2017?

(A) Raghuveer Chaudhary

(B) Shankha Ghosh

(C) Krishna Sobti

(D) Kedarnath Singh

(3) The ‘Prabal Dostyk 2017′ military exercise is being held between India and _______.

(A) Russia

(B) Iran

(C) Turkey

(D) Kazakhstan

(4) 21st World Congress of Mental Health was held in _________.

(A) Mumbai

(B) New Delhi

(C) Jaipur

(D) Indore

(5) Rajesh Vaishnaw has been appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to ________.

(A) Macedonia

(B) Montenegro

(C) Moldova

(D) Malta

(6) Walmart India launched its first fulfillment centre in _________.

(A) Pune

(B) Mumbai

(C) Chennai

(D) Bengaluru

(7) As per a new notification by the government of India, the last date to link the Aadhaar- Mobile Number is __________.

(A) April 30, 2018

(B) December 31, 2017

(C) February 6, 2018

(D) January 1, 2018

(8) The World’s highest motorable road has been constructed in which of the given regions?

(A) Ladakh

(B) Lhasa

(C) Himalayas

(D) Leh

(9) Recently which city received its first batch of four battery operated eco friendly BEST buses?

(A) Kolkata

(B) Chennai

(C) Mumbai

(D) Hyderabad

(10) Kazakhstan is set to change its name to Qazaqstan by which year in an effort to switch from Cyrillic to a Latin-based script?

(A) 2022

(B) 2020

(C) 2021

(D) 2025

(11) The 2017 ranking of the ATP World Tour has been topped by which player?

(A) Roger Federer

(B) Rafael Nadal

(C) Pablo Cuevas

(D) Alexander Zverev


(1) A   (2) C   (3) D   (4) B   (5) D   (6) B   (7) B   (8) A   (9) C   (10) D   (11) B