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04 December 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

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1) Tactical exercise called ‘Vajra Kayaa’ was held between India and ________.
A) Bhutan
D) Indonesia
Answer: B

2) Ullas Narayan wins India’s 1st International medal in which event?
A) Trekking
B) Orienteering
C) Duathlon
D) Ultra Running
Answer: D

3) GDP in India will grow ____ in the year ending March 2019, According to Moody’s?
A) 7.1%
B) 7.2%
C) 6.5%
D) 7.8%
Answer: B

4) Which country will withdraw from the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in January 2019?
A) United Arab Emirates
B) Iran
C) Iraq
D) Qatar
Answer: D

5) India won how many medals in Commonwealth Senior Fencing Championships?
A) 01
B) 16
C) 03
D) 08
Answer: C

6) Which day was observed as Navy Day?
A) 06 December
B) 07 December
C) 15 December
D) 04 December
Answer: D

7) The ‘Asia Pacific Summit 2018′ was held in which country?
A) Nepal
B) Japan
C) China
D) India
Answer: A

8) ___ surpasses Apple to become most valuable company?
A) Microsoft
B) Alibaba
C) Amazon
D) Samsung
Answer: A

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