(1) According to HSBC Holdings’ data, India is 3rd among nations offering highest salaries to expats. Which country tops in this regard?

A) Bahrain


C) Switzerland


E) Canada

(2) Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar was sworn-in recently as the ______ Chief Justice of India (CJI).

A) 41st

B) 43rd

C) 44th

D) 45th

E) 47th

(3) The 104th Indian Science Congress was held recently in Sri Venkateswara University in

A) Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

B) Chennai, Tamil Nadu

C) Bengaluru, Karnataka

D) Kochi, Kerala

E) Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

(4) Li Xiaoxia, who announced retirement recently, is the former Olympic champion of

A) table tennis

B) tennis

C) badminton

D) squash

E) snooker

(5) The online payments app, BHIM, launched by the govt is now the number one free app on Google Play Store. The term BHIM stands for

A) Bharat Initiative for Money

B) Bharat Interconnection for Money

C) Bharat Interface for Money

D) Bharat Interchange for Money

E) None of these

(6) The birth anniversary of Savitribai Phule was observed on 3 Jan. She is hailed as the country’s first woman

A) bureaucrat

B) scientist

C) astronaut

D) teacher

E) governor

(7) Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?

A) P Kilemsungla

B) Vinay Mittal

C) David R Syiemlieh

D) DK Dewan

E) Manbir Singh

(8) Who has been sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of India (CJI)?

A) J S Khehar

B) Madan Lokur

C) Kamlesh Khehar

D) T S Patil

(9) The World Braille Day (WBD) is observed on which date?

A) January 3

B) January 5

C) January 2

D) January 4

(10) H S Mahadeva Prasad, who passed away recently, was the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of which constituency?

A) Dharwad constituency

B) Chikkodi constituency

C) Bagalkot constituency

D) Gundlupet constituency

(11) “OnChat” a chatbot service has been launched by which bank to allow users to make payments through Facebook Messenger?

A) State Bank of India

B) HDFC Bank


D) Axis Bank

(12) The book “Death Under The Deodars: The Adventures of Miss Ripley-Bean” has been authored by whom?

A) Vikram Seth

B) Amitav Ghosh

C) Jumpa Lahiri

D) Ruskin Bond

(13) With which country Union Cabinet on January 4, 2017, approved singing an agreement for cooperation and mutual assistance in Customs Matters?

A) Brazil

B) Uruguay

C) South America

D) Argentina

(14) Which among the given states has signed an agreement with the Power Ministry to join the UDAY Scheme on January 4, 2017?

A) Gujarat

B) Assam

C) Punjab

D) Manipur

(15) The United Nation has recognized the year 2017 as ___________?

A) Year for Rejuvenation of Tourism & Agriculture

B) International Year of Climate Change

C) Global Sustainable Development Year

D) International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

(16) A Mobile App has been developed by the District Administration of Ludhiana to conduct fair and transparent election in the district. Name the App.


B) ECI360


D) ECI180

(17) Name the United Kingdom diplomat who has resigned as Britain’s Ambassador to EU?

A) Sir Robert Markaryan

B) Alexander Belonogov

C) Andrei Karlov

D) Sir Ivan Rogers

(18) Who has been appointed as the new Executive Director (ED) of Reserve Bank of India replacing U S Paliwal?

A) Deepak singhal

B) Meena hemchandra

C) Surekha Marandi

D) Sudarshan sen

(19) An earthquake measuring 7.2 on richter scale struck which country on January 3?

A) Tuvalu

B) Papua New Guinea

C) Fiji

D) Micronesia

E) Vanuatu

(20) India on January 4 approved signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with which country on bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture and allied sectors?

A) South Africa

B) Nigeria

C) Tanzania

D) Egypt

E) Kenya

(21) The 104th Indian Science Congress was held in _________.

A) Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam

B) Sri Krishnadevaraya University

C) Sri Sathya Sai University

D) Sri Venkateswara University

E) Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

(22) Which of the given facts about the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill is true?
a. People with disabilities will get 5% reservation in government jobs.
b. The bill allows people between 6 to 18 years of age will get free education.
c. People with disabilities will get 5% reservation in higher education institutes.
d. The government has increased the types of disabilities from the existing 7 to 21.

A) a and b

B) b and c

C) a and c

D) a, b and c

E) b,c and d

(23) Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar is the _____ Chief Justice of India(CJI).

A) 43rd

B) 42nd

C) 46th

D) 44th

E) 40th


(1) C   (2) C   (3) A   (4) A   (5) C   (6) D   (7) C   (8) A   (9) D   (10) D   (11) B   (12) D   (13) B   (14) B   (15) D   (16) B  (17) D   (18) C   (19) C   (20) E   (21) D   (22) E   (23) D