07 August 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

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1) ASEAN Foreign Ministers meet held in Which Country?
A) India
B) Singapore
C) Jordan
D) China

2) Ajay Data selected as a member of ccNSO will be custodian of ___________.
A) Asia and Pacific Islands
B) South American Islands
C) European Islands
D) Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands

3) Who has stepping down as CEO of food and beverage giant PepsiCo?
A) Mary T. Barra
B) Chanda Kochhar
C) Indra Nooyi
D) Irene Rosenfeld

4) Who has maintains 1st spot in ATP rankings?
A) Rafael Nadal
B) David Ferrer
C) Carlos Moyá
D) Arantxa Sánchez Vicario

5) Who has appointed as MD of DFCCIL?
A) Naresh Salecha
B) Anshuman Sharma
C) Naveen Kumar Shukla
D) Anurag Sachan

6) HDFC Life Insurance Company inked a pact with Which Bank?
A) Andhra Bank
C) Vijaya Bank
D) HDFC Bank

7) Which Country wins women’s hockey world cup 2018?
A) Netherland
B) Austria
C) Slovakia
D) Poland

8) Senior Congress leader and long-time personal assistant of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who recently passed away?
A) Kedarnath Singh
B) Arjan Singh
C) Pavani Parameswara Rao
D) Rajinder Kumar Dhawan

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