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07 June 2018 Current Affairs

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1) Who has resigned as independent director from the board of Indian Oil Corporation?
(A) Parindu Bhagat
(B) Vivek Rae
(C) Vinoo Mathur
(D) Shankar Chakraborti
Answer: B

2) What is the current Repo rate?
(A) 6.50%
(B) 6.00%
(C) 6.25%
(D) 6.75%
Answer: C

3) Which Indian Cricketer has been ranked 83rd in the Forbes World’s Highest paid Athletes list?
(A) Bhuvneshwar Kumar
(B) Virat Kohli
(C) Irfan Khan
(D) Rohit Sharma
Answer: B

4) Which one of the following has been appointed as the CEO of Go Air?
(A) Aron Mick
(B) Alfanso Steward
(C) Cornelis Vrieswijk
(D) Brown Carnwell
Answer: C

5) Govt of India has constituted a group of eminent person to study the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) policy of India. Who is the chairman of this group?
(A) Kaushik Basu
(B) C. Rangarajan
(C) Prannoy Roy
(D) Baba Kalyani
Answer: D

6) Cricket Australia CEO who announce his resignation?
(A) Alan Barnes
(B) James Sutherland
(C) Graham Halbish
(D) Malcolm Speed
Answer: B

7) 49th Conference of Governors Concludes in which city?
(A) New Delhi
(B) Gujarat
(C) Graham Halbish
(D) Chhattisgarh
Answer: A

8) Who was appointed as BAFTA Chairperson?
(A) Anastasia Atanesyan
(B) Aubrey Baring
(C) Pippa Harris
(D) Andy Harries
Answer: C

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