(1) Who has won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics?

(A) Richard Thaler

(B) Michael W. Young

(C) Kazuo Ishiguro

(D) Joachim Frank

(2) Who gets Germany’s Highest Civilian Honour recently?

(A) Rajesh Nath

(B) Suresh Kapoor

(C) Naresh Iyer

(D) Vivek Chopra

(3) Who among the following won men’s singles title in China Open 2017 (Tennis)?

(A) Nick Kyrgios

(B) Andy Murray

(C) Grigor Dimitrov

(D) Rafael Nadal

(4) In how many states, Reserve Bank of India to soon launch Financial Literacy Drive?

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 9

(D) 11

(5) Which title was retained by the Tyrrell Hatton recently?

(A) Dunhill Links Championship title

(B) US Open Title

(C) World Squash Championships

(D) ATP World Tour

(6) Which noted journalist has passed away recently at the age of 62?

(A) Gauri Lankesh

(B) B.K Karanija

(C) Praful Bidwani

(D) Bismoy Kumar Mohanty


(1) A   (2) A   (3) D   (4) C   (5) A   (6) D