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(1) Human Rights Day is observed every year on ————-.

(A) December 14

(B) December 11

(C) December 10

(D) December 12

(2) Name the programme launched by UN Women in collaboration with Facebook to spread awareness regarding the contribution of women in the society ———-.

(A) Women Power

(B) We the Women

(C) Women is the Future

(D) We Deserve Better

(3) Who has been selected to be honoured with the 2017 Vyas Samman?

(A) Gopaldas Neeraj

(B) Mridula Garg

(C) Ashok Chakradhar

(D) Mamta Kalia

(4) Who among the following has recently been appointed as the executive director (ED) of the Reserve Bank of India?

(A) Meena Hemchandra

(B) Uma Shankar

(C) Deepali Pant Joshi

(D) Ganesh Sinha

(5) Which automobile company has been ranked first in terms in market capitalisation?

(A) Tata

(B) Maruti Suzuki

(C) Mahindra

(D) Bharat Earth Movers

(6) India’s President Ram Nath Kovind presented President’s Colour to the submarine arm of the Indian Navy, in recognition of its extraordinary service to the nation in the past ————-.

(A) 50 years

(B) 75 years

(C) 25 years

(D) 30 years

(7) Mehuli Ghosh and Tushar Mane became the first Indian shooters qualified for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, by winning a gold and bronze each at the 10th Asian Championship held at ————-.

(A) China

(B) Japan

(C) India

(D) Singapore

(8) Which country has announced to depreciate its currency?

(A) Zimbabwe

(B) Iraq

(C) Thailand

(D) Pakistan

(9) Sukharanjan Sengupta who passed away recently was a renowned ______.

(A) Author

(B) Banker

(C) Doctor

(D) Journalist

(10) SBI bank has merged with how many banks?

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 4

(D) 7


(1) C   (2) B   (3) D   (4) B   (5) B   (6) A   (7) B   (8) D   (9) D   (10) A