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11 October 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

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1) Who has appointed as the new Solicitor General of India?
A) A T M Sampath
B) A V Rangam
C) Tushar Mehta
D) Abha R Sharma
Answer: C

2) Which Country Passport has been named as the World’s most powerful Passport according to Henley Passport Index 2018?
A) Japan
B) Singapore
C) China
Answer: A

3) Which Defence Minister has left for Paris on a three-day visit to France?
A) A.K. Antony
B) Manohar Parrikar
C) Arun Jaitley
D) Nirmala Sitharaman
Answer: D

4) The government appointed 58-year-old Pravin Srivastava as the chief statistician of Which Country?
A) China
B) India
C) Russia
Answer: B

5) Which Company wins Deming Prize for 2018?
A) Indus Towers
B) China Mobile Ltd.
C) Verizon Communications Inc.
D) Vodafone Group plc
Answer: A

6) Veena Sendre belongs to Which State?
A) Bihar
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Chhattisgarh
D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: C

7) Which Country successfully launches two remote sensing satellites?
B) Pakistan
C) India
D) China
Answer: D

8) MN Paloor passes away. He is popularly known as _______.
A) Singer
B) Poet
C) Politician
D) None of the above
Answer: B

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