(1) What is the theme of 2017 International Youth Day (IYD)?

(A) Change Our World

(B) Youth and Mental Health

(C) Youth Building Peace

(D) Youth Civic Engagement

(2) Who has been appointed as the new chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)?

(A) Shyam Benegal

(B) Prasoon Joshi

(C) Naresh Chandra Lal

(D) Vivek Agnihotri

(3) Ruth Pfau, popularly known as Pakistan’s Mother Teresa has passed away. She hailed from which country?

(A) Italy

(B) United States

(C) Germany

(D) France

(4) Which Indian sportsperson has been appointed as the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for physical activity in the South-East Asia Region (SEAR)?

(A) Mary Kom

(B) Milkha Singh

(C) Pullela Gopichand

(D) Abhinav Bindra

(5) Name the supercentenarian who passed away on August 11, 2017.

(A) Yisrael Kristal

(B) Yasutaro Koide

(C) Jack Lockett

(D) Georg Olafsson

(6) Who has won the 2017 Kenya Presidential election?

(A) William Ruto

(B) Raifa Odinga

(C) Yoweri Museveni

(D) Uhuru Kenyatta

(7) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has signed an agreement with _______ to promote technical assistance and facilitate cross-border co-operation in the area of securities regulations.

(A) Australian Securities an Investments Commission

(B) Securities and Exchange Organization

(C) China Securities Regulatory Commission

(D) Financial Services Board

(8) National Payments Corporation of India has appointed Dilip Asbe as its _______.

(A) Chief Executive Officer

(B) Chief Operating Officer

(C) Chief Technology Officer

(D) Chief Revenue Officer

(9) Which nationwide campaign has been launched by the Union Government to protect elephants?

(A) Gaj Kesari Yatra

(B) Gajanan Yatra

(C) Gajraj Yatra

(D) Gaj Yatra

(10) Which Bank has offered a 2-tier interest rate for savings account?

(A) Corporation Bank

(B) Indian Bank

(C) Bank of Maharashtra

(D) Dena Bank


(1) C   (2) B   (3) C   (4) B   (5) A   (6) D   (7) B   (8) A   (9) D   (10) B