(1) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the chief of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) belongs to which country?

(A) Iraq

(B) Syria

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Pakistan

(2) Swabia Jura region, world’s oldest art were added to the World Heritage List by the UNESCO. Where is Swabia Jura region located?

(A) Syria

(B) Iraq

(C) Germany

(D) Israel

(3) President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the ‘Ashiana Annexe’ in which state?

(A) Himachal Pradesh

(B) Uttarakhand

(C) Assam

(D) Jammu & Kashmir

(4) Where is the HAL Headquarters situated?

(A) Mumbai

(B) New Delhi

(C) Chennai

(D) Bangaluru

(5) Who is the current CEO & MD of Axis Bank?

(A) Shikha Sharma

(B) V G Mathew

(C) Rana Kapoor

(D) Adithya Puri

(6) Which state has become the first state in the country to provide women an injectable contraceptive for free?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Kerala

(C) Telangana

(D) Maharashtra

(7) Which state has became India’s first state to fix minimum educational qualification for cooperative body poll?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Rajasthan

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Gujarat

(8) While Delhi became the second state, which state is the first state to launch online RTI platform?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Haryana

(D) Jammu & Kashmir

(9) In NGT, ‘T’ stands for?

(A) Tributary

(B) Tribunal

(C) Treaty

(D) Trustee

(10) In which year NABARD came into existence?

(A) 1980

(B) 1992

(C) 1982

(D) 1993


(1) A   (2) C   (3) B   (4) D   (5) A   (6) D   (7) B   (8) B   (9) B   (10) C