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(1) Name the winner of the Mr India 2017 pageant?

(A) Prathamesh Maulingkar

(B) Jitesh Singh Deo

(C) Abhi Khajuria

(D) Pavan Rao

(2) Which country has become the 163rd country to sign the landmine ban treaty?

(A) Canada

(B) Hungary

(C) Sri Lanka

(D) Djibouti

(3) Which country has recently become the first nation of the world to end the national broadcasts of its FM radio network and switch to digital audio broadcasting (DAB)?

(A) Norway

(B) Finland

(C) Switzerland

(D) Britain

(4) The 4th India-Australia-Japan Trilateral Dialogue was held in which city?

(A) Mumbai

(B) Tokya

(C) Canberra

(D) New Delhi

(5) Who among the following Boxers has been named Asian Boxing Confederations youth boxer of the year?

(A) Sachin Siwach

(B) Vijendra Singh

(C) Devendro Singh

(D) Gaurav Bidhuri

(6) Name the author who has been named Companion of Honor award at Buckingham Palace.

(A) Valentine Ackland

(B) Julie Andrews

(C) Shamim Azad

(D) J.K. Rowling

(7) The 11th ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization was held in ____.

(A) Buenos Aires

(B) Lima

(C) Bogota

(D) Santiago

(8) Name the android based App launched by the Telangana government to help the citizens in urban areas across the state find trained and certified technicians and workers.

(A) Urban Genie

(B) Urban Jinni

(C) Urban Ginni

(D) Urban Jennee

(9) Who has been elected as the new President of Indian Olympic Association?

(A) Anil Khanna

(B) Rajeev Mehta

(C) RK Anand

(D) Narinder Batra

(10) Who has been named as the World’s Highest-Paid Athlete of All Time recently?

(A) Michael Jordan

(B) Peter John

(C) Williams Herson

(D) James Williams

(11) Which city metro passengers uses SecuCare safety app to monitor and control any misbehavior?

(A) Kolkata

(B) Mumbai

(C) Chennai

(D) Pune


(1) B   (2) C   (3) A   (4) D   (5) D   (6) D   (7) A   (8) A   (9) D   (10) A   (11) B