(1) Which country to host the steering committee of the proposed TAPI Gas pipeline?

(A) Turkmenistan

(B) Afghanistan

(C) Pakistan

(D) India

(2) Who among the following beat Roger Federer by 6-3, 6-4 in the Rogers Cup final?

(A) Stan Wawrinka

(B) Alexander Zverev

(C) Novak Djokovic

(D) Rafael Nadal

(3) According to broadband testing app Ookla which country has trhe fastest mobile internet in the world?

(A) Netherlands

(B) Norway

(C) Hungary


(4) The Aurora Solar Energy Project is being constructed in which country?

(A) Egypt

(B) Australia

(C) Oman

(D) Brazil

(5) Which country has been declared the world’s most liveable city by The Economist’s Global Liveability Report-2017?

(A) Melbourne

(B) Sydney

(C) London

(D) Perth

(6) India’s first museum on the Partition of the Indian Sub-continent will open in which state?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Odisha

(C) Punjab

(D) Assam

(7) Recently, which two Asian countries signed three pacts to boost their ties in power and energy sectors?

(A) China & Sri Lanka

(B) China & Pakistan

(C) Pakistan & Nepal

(D) Nepal & China

(8) Which state government has launched “Indira Canteen” for urban poor?

(A) Karnataka

(B) Himachal Pradesh

(C) Puducherry

(D) Punjab

(9) NABARD has conferred the ‘best performance award’ for 2016-17 to which regional rural bank?

(A) Telangana Grameena Bank

(B) Allahabad UP Gramin Bank

(C) Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank

(D) Madhyanchal Gramin Bank

(10) Which country to host 2017 G7 Interior Ministers summit on security issues?

(A) Germany

(B) Canada

(C) Italy

(D) Japan


(1) D   (2) B   (3) B   (4) B   (5) A   (6) C   (7) D   (8) A   (9) C   (10) C