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(1) The World Health Organisation on December 17, 2017, declared Gabon free from which disease?

(A) Polio

(B) Malaria

(C) Zika

(D) Dyskinesia

(2) Which country has passed a law allowing women to drive trucks and bikes in the country?

(A) Saudi Arabia

(B) Pakistan

(C) Oman

(D) Qatar

(3) Which company has appointed Manish Dawar as its Chief Financial Officer with effect from January 1, 2018?

(A) Samsung India

(B) Patym India

(C) Vodafone India

(D) Nokia India

(4) The first ever International Wheelchair Cricket Tournament will be held in ______.

(A) India

(B) UK

(C) Australia

(D) Nepal

(5) Eminent Bengali poet Joy Goswami will be given the 31st Moortidevi Award for his poetry collection titled, _______.

(A) Vyomkesh Darvesh

(B) Aleya Hrod

(C) Du Dondo Phowara Matro

(D) Mrito Nagorir Raja

(6) Christian Pulisic becomes youngest to get US men’s footballer of the year for 2017 at the age of ———?

(A) 18 years

(B) 19 years

(C) 17 years

(D) 20 years

(7) Who among the following has been suspended by FIFA for 90 days over a breach of its rules?

(A) Marco Polo Del Nero

(B) Earl of Harewood

(C) Arthur Drewry

(D) David Triesman

(8) Which country unveils satellite network plan for South China Sea?

(A) Pakistan

(B) India

(C) China

(D) South Africa


(1) A   (2) A   (3) C   (4) D   (5) C   (6) B   (7) A   (8) C