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1) Which country’s president resigns after being embroiled in a scandal over the use of a credit card to buy luxury personal items?

(A) Madagascar

(B) Zimbabwe

(C) Eritrea

(D) Mauritius

Answer: D

2) Who was re-elected as China’s Prime Minister for second term?

(A) Li Peng

(B) Hua Guofeng

(C) Li Keqiang

(D) Wen Jiabao

Answer: C

3) Which city is the costliest city according to latest Worldwide Cost of Living report 2018 by the Economist Intelligence Unit?

(A) Singapore

(B) Paris

(C) Chennai

(D) Hong Kong

Answer: A

4) According to Fitch, by what percent India’s economic growth will rise in 2018-19?

(A) 7.7%

(B) 7.3%

(C) 6.7%

(D) 8.5%

Answer: B

5) On which country FIFA lifts three-decade ban for hosting international football matches?

(A) Somaliya

(B) Mexico

(C) Uruguay

(D) Iraq

Answer: D

6) Who has been elected as the new president of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru?

(A) Ratan Tata

(B) N Chandrasekaran

(C) K Kasturirangan

(D) Nandan Nilekani

Answer: B