(1) What is the name of the app which was launched by the Google recently?

(A) Drive

(B) Duo

(C) Tez

(D) You tube

(2) With Which country Russia Restore Air Travel After 13-Year Freeze?

(A) Pakistan

(B) Iraq

(C) Albania

(D) Nepal

(3) Which racer has won the Singapore Grand Prix?

(A) Lewis Hamilton

(B) Max Verstappen

(C) Daniel Ricciardo

(D) Sebastian Vettel

(4) According to Indian Railways, passengers in reserved coaches can only sleep between _____ pm & ______ am to allow others to sit on the seats for the rest of the time.

(A) 10, 6

(B) 9, 7

(C) 10, 7

(D) 9, 6

(5) The joint military exercise ”Iron Union 5″ is being carried out between ground forces of which 2 countries?

(A) Russia and Pakistan

(B) U.S. and UAE

(C) U.K. and France

(D) India and Vietnam

(6) Which of the following television series won the Outstanding Drama Series award at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards?

(A) House of Cards

(B) The Handmaid’s Tale

(C) Westworld

(D) This is US

(7) Who of the following has been conferred with prestigious President medal?

(A) T Rani

(B) P Shikha

(C) D Roopa

(D) M Vijaya

(8) Who is appointed as new National Investigation Agency?

(A) Shri Ramesh Kumar

(B) Shri Rajesh Sharma

(C) Shri Naresh Singh

(D) Shri YC Modi

(9) Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Peru?

(A) Mercedes Araoz

(B) Ana Jara

(C) Pedro Cateriano

(D) Fernando Zavala Lombardi


(1) C   (2) B   (3) A   (4) A   (5) B   (6) D   (7) C   (8) D   (9) A