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(1) Justice Swatanter Kumar has resigned as the Chairman of _______.

(A) National Green Tribunal

(B) Greenpeace India

(C) MigrantWatch


(2) Keely Smith who passed away recently was a ________.

(A) Writer

(B) Politician

(C) Singer

(D) Sportsperson

(3) The _____ women’s cricket team has won the BBC Sports Personality Award 2017.

(A) Australia

(B) India

(C) New Zealand

(D) England

(4) What is the length of the world’s longest wedding dress that has set the Guinness Record?

(A) 8095 metres

(B) 1203 metres

(C) 8015 metres

(D) 5432 metres

(5) Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, inaugurated the training of trainers programme for Sendai Framework in ———.

(A) Dispur

(B) Mumbai

(C) Cuttack

(D) New Delhi

(6) Which state government would distribute sanitary napkins free of cost to all women belonging to BPL in the state?

(A) Tamil Nadu

(B) Haryana

(C) Punjab

(D) Telangana

(7) Which actor has been honoured with Punjab Ratan award?

(A) Diljit Dosanjh

(B) Govinda

(C) Sonu Sood

(D) Dharmendra

(8) For how many more Universities, UK govt. has extended pilot student visa scheme?

(A) 20

(B) 23

(C) 15

(D) 10

(9) Shree Saini from ————– crowned Miss India USA 2017.

(A) Washington

(B) California

(C) Florida

(D) Texas

(10) In a first, which country has passed law to ban Oil and Gas Production by 2040?

(A) Canada

(B) Germany

(C) France

(D) Denmark


(1) A   (2) C   (3) D   (4) A   (5) D   (6) B   (7) C   (8) B   (9) A   (10) C