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(1) Messi scored how many goals in league action last season to earn his fourth Pichichi award for most goals in La Liga and his fifth Alfredo Di Stefano trophy for best player?

(A) 36

(B) 37

(C) 35

(D) 34

(2) Alexey Voevoda has been given a life ban from the Olympics for anti-doping violations at the Sochi Games. He plays which sport?

(A) Alpine skiing

(B) Speed skating

(C) Skeleton

(D) Bobsleigh

(3) The first ever design university of India, World University of Design, has opened its campus in which state?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Karnataka

(C) Haryana

(D) Punjab

(4) Which country is having maximum women pilot in the world?

(A) India

(B) Dubai

(C) China

(D) Armenia

(5) Name the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh who resigned from the post recently?

(A) Harsimrat Kaur Badal

(B) Ram Vilas Paswan

(C) Virbhadra Singh

(D) Jayant Sinha

(6) Delhi ranks ————– in Most Expensive Office Locations in the world according to the latest report by JLL India, a real estate services firm.

(A) 1st

(B) 7th

(C) 4th

(D) 5th

(7) Indian Navy has conducted bilateral military exercise “Naseem-Al-Bahr’ with which nation’s naval force?

(A) Saudi Arabia

(B) Kuwait

(C) Egypt

(D) Oman

(8) Which country tops Forbes’ List of Best Countries for Business in 2018?

(A) Chad

(B) Japan

(C) United Kingdom

(D) New Zealand

(9) The Union Cabinet has approved proposal of Ministry of Railways to set up first ever National Rail and Transport University (NRTU) in which city?

(A) Vadodara

(B) Kolkata

(C) Mumbai

(D) Patna

(10) Which country signed an Memorandum of understanding with India for Development of Rakhine State?

(A) Russia

(B) Myanmar

(C) South Africa

(D) Pakistan


(1) B   (2) D   (3) C   (4) A   (5) C   (6) B   (7) D   (8) C   (9) A   (10) B