(1) Who is newly appointed as Chair of UK India Business Council?

(A) Lord Mervyn Davies

(B) Richard Heald

(C) Gordon Brown

(D) Sharon Bamford

(2) Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of team Tamil Thalaivas in the fifth season of Pro Kabbadi League?

(A) Surya

(B) Vishal

(C) Kamal Haasan

(D) Ajith Kumar

(3) Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has recently launched National Dairy Development Board’s (NDDB) quality logo for which products?

(A) Red Chillies

(B) Rice

(C) Milk & Milk Products

(D) Coconut Products

(4) Neil Armstrong bag containing traces of which moon dust was sold at an auction for USD 1.8 million in New York?

(A) Jupiter’s Moon

(B) Earth’s Moon

(C) Pluto’s Moon

(D) Mars Moon

(5) India with which country’s agreement for Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy has come into force recently?

(A) Australia

(B) Britain

(C) Egypt

(D) Japan

(6) Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, passed away in Calfornia, U.S at the age of?

(A) 41

(B) 38

(C) 50

(D) 45

(7) Which Bank introduces Instant Personal Loans through ATMs?



(C) Axis


(8) Who is the current Chairman of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA)?

(A) Udai Pratap Singh

(B) Anil Baijal

(C) Manju Paul

(D) Harish Kumar

(9) Paika Rebellion is the Bicentenary Celebration of which state?

(A) Assam

(B) Odisha

(C) Bihar

(D) West Bengal


(1) A   (2) C   (3) C   (4) B   (5) D   (6) A   (7) D   (8) B   (9) B