(1) Which award is given to honour Nabaneeta Dev Sen recently ?

(A) British Book Awards

(B) Crossword Book Award

(C) Big Little Book Award

(D) American Book

(2) When was the World Fisheries day celebrated?

(A) 21 November

(B) 20 November

(C) 22 November

(D) 23 November

(3) Which Country’s nominee won re-elections to the fill up the last seat at the International Court of Justice?

(A) Britain

(B) France

(C) Germany

(D)  India

(4) Under which scheme Nagaland, Andaman &Nicobar Islands Sign MoU with India recently ?

(A) UDAY Scheme

(B) Sansar Adarsh yojana

(C) Atal Pension yojana

(D) UDAN Scheme

(5) Manik Banerjee has been presented with the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). Manik Banerjee is a _________.

(A) Actor

(B) Politician

(C) Businessman

(D) Journalist

(6) Who has been appointed as UNAIDS Special Ambassador for Adolescents and HIV?

(A) Claude Mellins

(B) Anthony S. Fauci

(C) Quarraisha Abdool Karim

(D) Angela Aidala

(7) As per the 2017 Forbes list of highest paid woman in music, _____ tops the list.

(A) Taylor Swift

(B) Mariah Carey

(C) Adele

(D) Beyonce

(8) What is the rank of India in the IMD World Talent Rankings 2017?

(A) 59

(B) 65

(C) 51

(D) 62

(9) Sri Lankan Prime Minister is on a 4 day visit to India from November 21, 2017 with an aim of boosting bilateral ties. Name the PM of Sri Lanka.

(A) Maithripala Sirisena

(B) Ranil Wickremesinghe

(C) Ratnasiri Wickremanayake

(D) Ranasinghe Premadasa

(10) IMBAX-2017 military exercise will be held between India and _______.

(A) Malaysia

(B) Myanmar

(C) Morocco

(D) Mexico

(11) When is World Television Day celebrated?

(A) November 21

(B) November 20

(C) November 22

(D) November 23


(1) C   (2) A   (3) D   (4) A   (5) D   (6) C   (7) D   (8) C   (9) B   (10) B   (11) A