(1) Which State government has launched the cloud seeding operation, ‘Project Varshadhari’ ?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Andhra Pradesh

(C) Karnataka

(D) Jharkhand

(2) A research team led by Dr Pinaki Panigrahi has found Probiotic Bacteria that could protect newborns from a deadly infection at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health. Name the infection.

(A) Strep B

(B) Pneumonia

(C) Necrotising Fasciitis

(D) Sepsis

(3) Swasth Bachche, Swasth Bharat’ campaign was launched with the objective of?

(A) Providing a comprehensive and inclusive report card for children

(B) Improving sanitation conditions across the country

(C) Eradicating illiteracy

(D) Cleaning the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country

(4) Supreme Court has struck down the practice of Triple Talaq in Muslim Community by saying that the practice violates certain articles of Indian Constitution. Which of the two articles were being violated?

(A) Article 14 and 16

(B) Article 16 and 20

(C) Article 14 and 21

(D) Article 19 and 22

(5) Who has launched a digital police portal under CCTNS project, which aims to create a national database of crimes & criminals?

(A) Ram Nath Kovind

(B) Arun Jaitley

(C) Rajnath Singh

(D) Narendra Modi

(6) Google has launched its new android operating system _____.

(A) Ice cream

(B) Oreo

(C) Eclipse

(D) Donut

(7) Who has become the second Indian female footballer to win the Arjuna Award?

(A) Ngangom Bala Devi

(B) Nongm Ratanbala Devi

(C) Okram Roshini Devi

(D) Oinam Bembem Devi

(8) ________ and International Vaccine Institute on August 21, 2017 signed an agreement to collaborate on vaccine research and development.






(1) C   (2) D   (3) A   (4) C   (5) C   (6) B   (7) D   (8) A