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29 July 2018 Current Affairs Quiz

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1) Who is the chairperson of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) Currently?
A) AK Goel
B) KN Tripathi
C) Shailaja Chandra
D) Rakesh Kumar Sinha
Answer: A

2) International conference on India-Vietnam economic ties was held in which city?
A) Kanpur
B) Faridkot
C) New Delhi
D) Lucknow
Answer: C

3) Who has appointed executive director of NCPEDP?
A) Tanya Dubash
B) Arman Ali
C) Nitin Nabar
D) Nisaba Godrej
Answer: B

4) Which Bank CEO Renu Satti has resigned from the role?
A) Punjab National Bank
C) Andhra Bank
D) Paytm Payments Bank
Answer: D

5) Shivangi Pathak, the 17-year-old from Which State?
A) Haryana
B) West Bengal
C) Karnataka
D) Assam
Answer: A

6) Which country women’s compound archery team reaches World No: 1 rank?
A) Afghanistan
B) Bangladesh
C) India
D) Bhutan
Answer: C

7) World’s Oldest Person, who recently died at age 117 in Japan is?
A) Kane Tanaka
B) Chiyo Miyako
C) Masazo Nonaka
D) Nabi Tajima
Answer: B

8) Which day was observed as International Tiger Day?
A) 10 July
B) 20 July
C) 13 July
D) 29 July
Answer: D

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