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Graduate Jobs – Graduate Recruitment | Govt. Jobs for Graduate

Graduates jobs are for the students who have completed their Bachelor Degree. “Graduation” at the college and university level occurs when the presiding officer confers degrees upon candidates, either individually or en masse, even if graduates physically receive their diploma later at a smaller college or departmental ceremony.

After degree completion, graduates can be referred to by their graduating year. Graduate refers to someone who has been the subject of a graduation, namely, someone who has completed the requirements for an academic degree.

Introduction to graduate Jobs

A graduate of the institution would be an alumnus of that institution. Graduation plays a critical role in shaping one’s professional career. After completing graduation, you are supposed to have superior knowledge in a particular stream of education.

Graduation provides a base that you can utilize to realize your dreams. While many students find a right way to fulfill their dreams, a majority of them find it difficult to choose the right career option after graduation.

Graduate Recruitment Economy

The Indian educational system is producing more graduates every year. But the graduates have a lack of basic communication and problem-solving skills. Those are essential for even the elementary level jobs. Today’s education is seen only in earning money.

Education is offered to earn good money and also the educational institutions have become more commercialized.Creating more schools and allowing hundreds of colleges and universities to mushroom is not going to solve the crisis of education and economic growth in India.

Parents are spending more money for education, even though not getting standard education and struggling to find employment of their choice. There are millions of students who are the victims of unrealistic, pointless, mindless rat race.


Getting a degree is important as most companies require a degree for you to be eligible to apply for a job.This does not mean that getting a degree makes you any smarter than someone who does not have a degree.

It is just a way for companies to do a high-level filtering to shortlist candidates to interview. More often than not what you work on will not be related to what you studied in college. Once you have a job and your experience grows, your degree becomes less relevant.

The knowledge gained through your experience becomes more valuable than any degree. In India, if you need a job from a top company, then you need to read the conditions apply first.


Education is the backbone of each family that to women’s education is very essential. Nowadays, the value of education is just earning a degree without a goal, why this happens?

The reason is the lack of reinforcement, loss of hope on employment. “Nation does not need pointless, goalless youngsters, instead need mindful, talented, skillful youth to compromise the dynamic society and improve the status of our country among others”.

So the government has the responsibility to bring the hope and set the stage for the youngsters of India.  Education alone is not needed. For proper execution, skill is necessary. In India, the importance of skill is an unattended aspect except in few areas like Medicine, Engineering etc that too not everywhere.

Skills and Abilities

Having knowledge alone is not adequate to bring the changes, the need of skill to execute properly is important. Now the new ministry introduced “Skill India Mission” for the youth to meet their domestic demands and also for the betterment of economic growth of our nation.

Through this mission, Jobless, school dropouts, graduated, uneducated, and women will be given training based on their knowledge and ability which will certify them to get the jobs.

For the students, it will be starting from the school to provide communication skill, entrepreneurship, problem-solving skills, etc. After Graduation, education increases the human capital inherent in the labor force, which increases labor productivity and transitional growth towards equilibrium level of outputs.

Secondly, education may increase the innovation capacity of the economy and the knowledge on new technologies, products, processes, promotes growth

Govt Jobs for Graduate

Before you choose the best career after graduation, you need to know growth prospects, competition, availability of jobs, work requirements, etc. of that field. Remember that all salary brackets given here are mainly for freshers.

If you are good in English Language or Mathematics, you may tend to get better salaries than rest. Communication skills make a remarkable difference in overall career development irrespective of nature of work. Sales and Business development is an evergreen career.

It will never go out of fashion. In the era of high competition, the demand for business development professionals will only increase. Every company, irrespective of its size and strength, requires sales professionals. Business Development Roles in FMCG/IT/Manufacturing companies are one the most sought after profiles in top B-Schools.

Many companies hire graduates for entry level sales profiles. Marketing/Advertising/Communication are also good fields for the job after Graduation.

You may work as a computer operator, software professional, site developer, web designer, animator, logo designer, software developer and more if you are interested in IT Sector.

Travel and Tourism, Civil Aviation, Social Sector, Hotel Management, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance offers various jobs for graduates every year. Digital media has opened up a lot of career opportunities for mass communication professionals.

With experience, you may become the correspondent, reporter, anchor, columnist, editor, and radio jockey. Public Sector – Defense and Police Jobs/Civil Services/Forest Services/Railway Jobs also set the benchmark for graduate students.