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UPJN Recruitment 2018 | Latest Result, Admit Card, Syllabus

UPJN In the year 1894-95, a small Sanitary Engineering Branch with its headquarters of Allahabad was established under the administrative control of U.P. public works Department. A few technical assistants were deployed in the branch & this unit was entrusted with the job of preparation of projects of water supply which were to be executed the rough contractors or large engineering companies. The first sanitary division was established with the skeleton staff in the year 1913-14 at Saharanpur. Promulgating of UP Municipalities act in the year 1916 bestowed some powers in local bodies.

Motto“Water is life”
TypeState government undertaking
Established18th of June 1975
Managing DirectorP. K. Asudani
HeadOffice6, Rana Pratap Marg,Lucknow – 226001 ,U.P.(INDIA)
Contact(0522) 2620172, 2620272

Creation of local bodies in towns ushered in pressure building to provide better amenities especially drinking water. The Royal sanitary commission constituted by the Government visited the entire state to take stock of drinking water & sanitation facilities and submitted its report towards the end of the year 1920. Consequently, in the year 1927, the then existing Sanitary Engineering branch was enlarged & given the status of a full-fledged department This new department was named as PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT & was headed by offices of the rank of superintending Engineer. Following functions were entrusted to the new department:

  • Preparation & execution of water supply, drainage, sewage disposal and other health works for local bodies on which
    fees were to be charged.
  • Preparation & execution of health schemes for other government’s department without charging any fees.
  • Inspection & general supervision of all water works and sewage pumping stations including hydroelectric undertakings Mussoorie & Nainital without charging any fees.
  • Scrutiny of budgets of such local bodies having water works without charging any fees.
  • General supervision and advice to local bodies in respect of recruitment & works of their technical staff, without charging any fees.
  • Scrutiny and advice on all improvement trust schemes in respect of water supply, drainage & road works, without charging any fees.
  • Tours planning & preparation of light designs for model villages, sanitary wells, latrines, infectious disease hospitals, incinerators and slaughter houses, markets, rat-proof godowns etc. without charging any fees.
  • Scrutiny of all minor & major projects for which state board gives a grant (Free)
  • General technical advice on matters relating to public health engineering to the Government, local bodies & all other Govt. Departments (Free)
  • Supply of Forecast of cost to local Bodies(free)
  • Checking of water works returns & preparing drawings for mechanical appliances (Free)
  • Arranging purchase of spare parts & Chemicals for water works through Store Purchase Officer (Free)
  • Placing indents for purchase of controlled building materials for departmental works, such as Cement, Coal, Iron & Steel (Free)

Functions of UPJN:

  • The functions of U.P. Jal Nigam shall be the following namely
  • The preparation, execution promotion and financing the schemes for the supply of water and for sewage disposal.
  • To render all necessary services in regard to water supply and sewerage to the State Government and local bodies, on request to private institutions or individuals.
  • To prepare State plans for water supply, sewerage and drainage on the directions of the State Govt.
  • To review and advise on the tariff taxes and charges of water supply in the areas of Jal Sansthan and local bodies which have entered into on agreement with Jal Nigam under section 46.
  • To assess the requirement of materials and arrange for their procurement and utilization.
  • To establish state standards for water supply and sewerage services.
  • To perform all function not stated herein which were being performed by the Local Self Govt. Engineering Department before the commencement of the act.
  • To review annually the technical, financial, economic and other aspects of water supply and sewerage system to every Jal Sansthan or local bodies which has entered into an agreement with the Nigam under section 46 of the act.
  • To establish and maintain a facility to review and appraise the technical, financial, economic and other pertinent aspects of every water supply and sewerage scheme in the state.
  • To operate, run and maintain any water works and sewerage system if and when directed by the State Govt. on such terms and conditions and for such period as may be specified by the State Govt.
  • To assess the requirements for man power and training in relation to water supply and sewerage services in the state.
  • To carry out applied research for efficient discharge of the functions of the Nigam or a Jal Sansthan.
  • Any other function entrusted to the Nigam by or under the Act.
  • Such other functions as may be entrusted to the Nigam by the State Govt. by notification in the Gazette.

The members other than the Chairman are as follows namely:

  • A Managing Director ( to be appointed by the State Government) who shall be a qualified engineer having administrative experience and also the experience of water supply and sewerage works.
  • A Finance Director to be appointed by the State Government from amongst the persons possessing such qualifications & experience and in accordance with such manner as may be prescribed.
  • The Secretary to the State Government in the Finance Department.
  • The Secretary to the State Government in the Nagar Vikas Vibhag (Urban Development Department).
  • The Secretary to the State Government in Planning Department.
  • The Secretary to the State Government in Rural Development Department.
  • The Director of Local Bodies Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Director of Medical and Health Services, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Three elected heads of local bodies in the State to be nominated by the State Government.

Besides above 12 regular members, Director General Sarvajanic Udyam Bureau (Burea of Public Enterprise) is also invited in the Board meeting as permanent invitees.

U P Jal Nigam is the Principal Implementing Agency for River Pollution Control Projects in the state of UP. Its task is to prevent direct flow of waste water into important river bodies of the state, so as to maintain water quality of these rivers to a satisfactory level. This is being done by diverting waste water/ domestic sewage flow to appropriate Treatment sites before being allowed to drain out in river bodies. So for 15 major towns located on the Banks of River Ganga, Yamuna and Gomti have been provide with waste water treatment facilities for cleaning about 42 % of its domestic sewage flow.

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